The Bronze Package is ideal for those with limited space.  If you are tight on room or you want to bring your workout on the go, this package is perfect for you.  Included are TRX Straps, a TRX Rip Trainer, an Ab Wheel, a Medicine Ball, a Yoga Mat, a Foam Roller, a Jump Rope, some Resistance Bands, and 3 Sweat Towels.


The Silver Package is a more medium sized package that can work well for those not pressed for space.  Included in this package is a Stationary Bike, an Incline Leg Press, a Yoga Mat, some Yoga Blocks, a Massage Gun, a Jump Rope, 24sqft of flooring, a Yoga Strap, and 3 Sweat Towels


The Gold Package is ideal for those with a little room to spare.  included in this package is a Dumbbell set, a Rower, a Leg Stretching Machine, a Medicine Ball, a Barbell, a set of Bumper Plates, a Foam Roller, some Resistance Bands, and 24sqft of flooring.


The Platinum Package is the largest of the package we offer.  If you have a dedicated room for your fitness equipment, this is what you will want to fill it with.  Included is a Smith Machine, a Barbell, a set of Bumper Plates, an Elliptical Machine, a Foam roller, a Yoga Mat, a Medicine Ball, some Resistance Bands, a Workout Bag, a Massage Gun, a Jump Rope, 3 sweat towels, and 24sqft of flooring.

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